Heavy twill(bottom use)Plain spandex(bottom use)
Heavy peach twill(bottom use)Twill

Pants woven:




Fabric-100%-Polyester-128 X 60-Cap hat-Shirts-Pants use-Twill-20100316

The above fabric is mainly applied in Pants / Shorts / Casual Bottoms

The above color swatch is for on screen viewing reference which may appear different from actual color swatch, pls. contact Uniform-standard or visit our company to check out the actual color.


Uniform-standard is a pant supplier in Hong Kong,our pant can always be customized into different uniforms which suitable for different outdoor activities,we can customized your own pants fabric design,produce the pant,uniform pants for school,pants work,hot pants,cargo pants,pants suits,Basketball shorts,Football shorts,soccer short,college trousers,company pants.Uniform-standard has different 100%cotton qualities

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