Q:     1.Is there wrinkle-free fabrics?
A:   Yes, usually polyester coating is added on fabric to make it anti-crease, For example. wrinkle free trousers. Polyester is not easy to fold while cotton does. Therefore 100% polyester fabric is less likely to have wrinkles after folding. However, the fabrics are less breathable and feel stiffer during wearing. Normally woven fabric that used to make official dress like shirt, suit and trousers will have such wrinkle free nature.
Q:     2.Is wicking fabric more breathable than cotton fabric?
A:      Wicking fabric undergoes some chemical treatments. Sweat can be absorbed and removed by the apparel made of wicking fabric, giving a cool and fresh feeling. Thus wicking fabric applied mostly on sportswear. On the other hand, 100% cotton fabric is made of cotton yarn, which is soft, comfortable, and more water absorbable. So, cotton clothes absorb sweat easily but cannot remove it quickly, making you feel moist.
Q:     3.Any washing method to keep clothes durable and new?
A:      Washing effect varies different fabrics. Customer can refer to the care label on apparel which provides the most appropriate cleansing and drying guidelines. As there are limitations on fabric materials and fabric structures, unavoidable color fade, well worn, deformation in shape will be found when apparel is worn and washed as time goes by.
Uniform-standard could provide more quality concerns and guidelines before ordering if customers have special requirements. However, customers have to understand that garments are of physical products which will eventually worn-out after repeated using due to their physical material limitations.
Q:     4.Is windbreaker / jacket water-proof?
A:       It depends on the fabric used on jacket as well as the sewing method. There are some windbreakers which are marketed with water repellent function; this is because the fabric is coated with a PU (Polyurethane) layer which could repel water under normal atmospheric pressure (e.g. during raining days). However, this PU coating will gradually be washed away when the jacket is continually worn and washed, thus reduce the water repellent function. Some famous brands (e.g. The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Burton Snowboards, Schoeffel) will applied Gortex fabric which bond the water repellent membrane to the fabric, and together with heat seal sewing or ultra sound welding sewing technique, it could achieve seamless outerwear which are good in water resistant.
Q:     5.Is apron anti-stain?
A:     Anti-stain chemicals can be added on some specific fabric, which minimize the stain to penetrate the fabric. It makes the stain stay on the surface of the fabric and easier to be removed or clean up. But the anti-stain chemical is a coating on the fabric, it will be washed out gradually if the apron is used and washed from time to time, anti-stain function will thus reduce.
Q:     6.Is windbreaker / Jacket wind-proof ?
A:     Jacket is made of polyester, its weaving density is higher than normal knitting fabric, making it able to minimize wind and water to penetrate through the fabric, thus less breathable feeling is found when you wear such jacket. But it becomes more breathable if a breathable coating is added. It also depends on the nature of fabric and it’s weaving density. For example, micro fiber and high density down-proof fabric, as their weaving density is high, fabric structure is packed and a PU coating on fabric can make it more wind resistant. If a fleece layer is added inside, it can trap up the air and provide a better insulation layer to keep the wearer warm.

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