Print Method: printing and screen printing What are the advantages?
2.What is the offset heat transfer and its advantages?
3.What is the gilt silver hot?
4.What is digital printing?
5.What is the screen?
6.What is sublimation transfer?
7.characteristics of sublimation transfer and its substrates?
8.color heat transfer What is the difference?

Q: 1. digital printing and screen printing What are the advantages?
A: The soft texture of digital printing, the image fine, water-resistant. But a high quality screen printing, durable and cost-effective way to print T-shirt and uniform, can be printed on a variety of clothing, fast, quality is guaranteed.
Q: 2. What is the offset heat transfer and its advantages?
A: The heat transfer is the picture printed on heat transfer paper, after trimming, and then heat pressed on the hot T-shirt / uniforms. Offset heat transfer can have colorful colors and the colors are very bright, so popular for printed T-shirt / uniform. Heat transfer has its shortcomings, its durability is less than screen printing, color wash off easily after a few times, so it needs careful care.
Q: 3. What is the gilt silver hot?
A: silver hot stamping is a screen to be made since the printing screen T-Shirt. Silver gilt iron is also less than an ordinary printing durability, it must reverse the piece T-shirt, uniforms to wash, and avoid vigorous hand wash T-shirt / uniform.
Q: 4. What is digital printing?
A: digital printing and traditional screen printing technology is different. Digital color production to play without a net for each plate, and it could save the cost of making stencil. Digital printing is directly through a digital pigment print on the printer directly on the clothes. As the digital print without opening stencil, so a lot of printing color for the pattern, the more the price of digital printing will be straight. Digital printing and screen printing clothing care basically the same.
Q: 5. What is the screen?
A: Screen Printing need to create patterns for each color screen. Screen printing ink costs and the version of the fee is based on the number of colors. Version of the fee is a one-time overhead, so the more the number of production, each piece of clothing's share of the version of the fee will be less.
Q: 6. What is sublimation transfer?
A: The pattern of direct sublimation transfer is a special sublimation ink printed on paper, then distillation of high temperature and pressure way to penetrate into the fabric fibers of which the ink. Since no production of screen, can save a print costs.
Q: 7. characteristics of sublimation transfer and its substrates?
A: sublimation transfer printing, the ink into a gas, into the material, and fibrous materials to form one, the perfect vivid color reproduction, made after the vivid colors, clear and detailed image of the pattern. Sublimation transfer is not easy to fade, durable and will not crack, no plate, but also for fabric soft and flexible.
Features: color detail, not a permanent color, soft, water-resistant
Substrate: polyester fiber, polyester
Q: 8. color heat transfer What is the difference?
A: 4-color heat transfer washability, forced really high, you can have a gradient effect, and any color can be printed. Spot iron-washing resistance, forcing the real high, any color can be printed, but not a gradient effect. Digital printing super wash, forced really high, you can have a gradient effect, any color can be printed sublimation transfer washing in general, force fidelity in general, only white can be printed.

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