Digital Printing:


1.Design Guidelines for a Computer Transfer 1
2.Design Guidelines for a Computer Transfer 2
3.Design Guidelines for a Computer Transfer 3


Guide-Computer Heat Transfer Print Design 1-Crack effect after washing-T shirt-20111024

Guide-Computer Heat Transfer Design Guideline 2-Transparent coating effect-20111024

Guide-Computer Heat Transfer Design Guideline 3-White edge effect-20111024_Uniform-standard 

Computer Heat Transfer Print Design 1
Logo will be printed on R4 heat transfer poper,than use heat transfer machine to press imageon on fabric swatch.If pull or stretch the logo,Crackingand  and logo fall off may happen.These two effect may arise after washing also.
It is the limitation of heat transfer print.So suggest washing inside our and use mild detergent to minimize this effect.

Computer Heat Transfer Design Guideline 2
This effect arise on white or light color fabric.heat transfer paper is transparent.after pressing the heat transfer print on is a transparent coating cover the logo.

Computer Hear Transfer Design Guideline 3:

This effect arise on black or deep color fabric .heat transfer paper is white.after pressing the heat transfer print on garment here is a white edge cover the logo.

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