Offset Heat Transfer Printing:


1.Offset Heat Transfer printing effect
2.Washing effect of silver gilt



Guide-Offset Heat Transfer Printing Effeet-T-shirt_Uniform-standard


Guide-Gold And Silver Foil Print Effect-T-shirt_Uniform-standard


 Offset Heat Transfer Printing Effect

The logo will be prefabricated in customized heat transfer printing plastic film.

Then applied with special adhesive and preset heat set temperate to transfer the logo to the garment ,

Therefore ,the logo fastness is better.The photos shows the logos are in good conditions after 5 washes.

However,due to its physical limitations,such offset heat transfer logo will still undergo fading and have 

chance to peel off under repeated washing.

Gold and Silver Foil Print Effect

Gold and Silver Foil Print it to use heat pressing to apply the gold/silver foul logo on to the garment ,

Due to its physical  limitation  such gold and silver foil print logo  will peel off and become dull  after repeat washing,

Therefore,garment with such logo  is  suggested   to be turned inside out and apply cold water during washing to minimize the

logo fading.

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