TwillMicrofiber Blazer Use | Poly lining cire coating | Fine Twill Poly
Poly rayon suit fabricWool poly blend suits fabric


Fabric-100%-Polyester-Microfiber Twill-Comfort-Twill-20101102_Uniform-standard 

Microfiber Blazer Use:


Fabric-100%-Polyester-Microfiber twill-Stay press-Microfiber Blazer Use-20091022_Uniform-standard


Poly ling cire coating:


Fabric-100%-Polyester-Suits use-Jackets use-Poly lining cire coating-20100318


Fine Twill Poly:


Fabric-Twill for suits uniform use-Fine twill poly-Bussine suits-20101011

Poly rayon suit fabric :


Fabric-65% polyester-35% rayon-Poly rayon suit fabric-20110706

Wool poly blend suits fabric :


Fabric-60% polyester-20% rayon-20% wool-Wool poly blend suits fabric-20110706

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