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The best Cheerleading Uniform in town is now available Dragon Uniform-Standard Singapore

Cheerleading Uniform is the most critical for different sports evening and team motivation. Dragon Uniform-Standard is a leader of cheerleading uniforms in Singapore and also Malaysia. We offer good quality products at reasonable pricing and very good quality guarantee. Dragon Uniform-Standard is offer both in stock and OEM customization for your best cheering team, cheerleader team, cheer uniforms organization and cheer Apparel Company in SG.

We have own factory to produce cheerleading uniforms and they are made of good quality knit and woven fabric, include spandex polyester, rayon. Our products are durable, long-lasting, smart, attractive, nice look. They are very good fit for wear. Our cheerleading uniforms are very flexible in term of cost and also delivery time. They are designed for cheerleaders; we offer both boys, girls, women and men style. They are trendy, colorful, comfortable, and highly stretchable.

In Singapore, we prepare to offer the best cheerleading uniforms. There is no limitation on your design. We can realize all of them. Our huge variety of colors swatches can let your team wear excess your expectation. If you have any specification on the cheerleading dress or tops, Dragon Uniform-Standard Singapore offers in the different age range of your team and both with fantastic design. The call is now. In Dragon Uniform Singapore, we care customer service. Our customer service team will make sure your questions and concerns are fully answered.

0.Cheerleader Skirts
1.Ribbon Selection 1
2.Ribbon Selection 2
3.Ribbon Selection 3
4.Ribbon Selection 4
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6.Ribbon Selection 6
7.Ribbon Selection 7
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19.Backs with Straps
20.Cheerleader Uniforms Ribbon


Dancing Skirts:

            一般裙款 Streetwear skirts3 (复制) 

Ribbon Selection:

ribbon selection1-20121105

ribbon selection2-20121105

ribbon selection3-20121105

ribbon selection4-20121105

ribbon selection5-20121105

ribbon selection6-20121105

ribbon selection7-20121105

ribbon selection8-20121105

ribbon selection9-20121105

ribbon selection10-20121105

ribbon selection11-20121105

ribbon selection12-20121105

ribbon selection13-20121105

ribbon selection 14-20140102

ribbon selection 15-20140102

ribbon selection 16-20140102

ribbon selection 17-20140102

ribbon selection 18-20140102

Backs with Straps:


Cheerleader Uniforms  Ribbon: