Caps or hats

Your ideal choice!For any outdoor activity, the iconic Trucker Hat mesh is cooler while Abaseball cap may fit just right and sporty.

This trend makes it easy for a) tocover a bad day, b) to make your outfit more masculine and c) to be extremelycomfortable throughout the day.

There's really a baseball caps youcan wear with everything from classic caps that support your favorite sportsteam and leather caps that are perfect for a more stylish look. Needless tosay,  baseball caps are one of thisseason's most cool new trends. Finish off with an outfit topper from our capsand hat edit your favorite fit.

·        Adjustable snapback trucker hat

·        Baseball Cap

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Cycling Clothes

Just Feel the quality!!! 10% discount offer. Our Cyclewear is designed to make your trip comfortable and productive! For any weatherconditions. Whatever season, the right clothes for you will be found for you. Ionly carry proven and trusted brands, so you know that you buy goods that matchor exceed your demands.

Very light, long-sleeved are excellentfor pale skinned riders in summer, because they offer extra protection againstthe sun. However, you usually find that your long-sleeved are thicker thanshort-sleeved and warmer to keep you warm during cold weather.

Weare waving off 10% Discount under 20 MOQ order on:

·        Cycling Jacket  

·        Cycling suit  

·        `Winter cycling Jacket

·        Winter Cycling suit

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Pinstripe suit

New and improved! The easiest way to use a pinstripe is to invest in individual wearrather than a traditional two - piece wear. Now you can follow on Irish MMA fighterstyle to custom your own fit stripe suit.

ANDYES, the suit can attract attention, it is best purchased when ahandful of suits in basic colors have been already available. If youonly own and wear a pinstripe suit, people will notice and that won’t help yourimage.

Well guess what, if you liked the suitenough to maybe try and get your own one day, now you can!

Looks so Good on the Outside, It'll Make You Feel Good Inside! Limited edition save now 5 %

Pinstripe suit is now available for custom order for $ 2000.

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Rain Coat

Get Noticed! The wet season cannot be avoided, duties and tasksmust be executed as usual even during rainy days. Rain coatsare better for the additional bonus from completely getting drenched A raincoat makes the perfect choice, for everyone. Justslip it on and they are dry and remain flexible.

·        Light weight and packable

·        Eco- Friendly

·        100% Waterproof fabrics

·        Breathable

Also available for kids with Disney print design.

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Street Wear

Fashion is not about your style but it’s about your owncreation. And this is simply awesome you own creativity to discover the newestway to create amazing apparel with the help of Dragon uniform. Design Your Own Clothes Online.All Custom Clothing Is Made with Love In our store.Squeeze your creative side and customize custom clothing such as T-shirts, jackets and caps.You can also include names, messages, and slogans by using the text function. Deal! Design is all yours, so own it.

We provide you with embroidery,silkscreen printing on fabrics and  alsodigital printing on cotton only.

100 % RealResult. Price range varies according to your print style. Once you haveordered cannot be cancelled. Free delivery charges under 20 MOQ .

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Sublimation towel

Dragon Uniform will introduce you to your everydaybath ritual or make the day a fiesta at the beach with custom towels! Thesetowels are made of cozy poly with a soft, vibrant polyamide.

  • Printed on one side only
  • 80% Polyester, 20% polyamide
  • Made in Singapore
  • 100% water-absorbent


This product is made on demand. No minimums.

The price of the product depends on factors such as productiontechnology, print positioning, color, size and location of performance. Youmust also consider shipping and additional taxes.

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Heat Transfer T-shirt Vinyl

A complete line of heat transfer systems is supplied with DragonUniform. Over a thousand transfers including rhinestones, printed screen, mixedmedia and sticky transfers are stored. Our heat transfer services are availablein various styles and sizes and will add value to t-shirts. At Dragon Uniformyou can find everything a small shop needs to a large volume business since wesupply a wide range of heat transfer equipment and materials for your own heatpress designs.

This is a transfer heat and select the best size for your project.Used standard inches measurement. You choose the size and the amount you want.

Surely, it's not just a T - Shirt, if you like, you can put it ona pillow case. Also, sweatshirts. Be creative. Be creative!

100% Real Result.

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Xmas Promotion

Why Bomber Jacket ?

We make custom hand-painted and vinyl prints on denim or leather Bomber jackets. What is your concept and we will create a custom design for you. From years,bomber jackets can be applied in fall and spring season trends. Big names branding have been putting it in their collection and display.

Bomber jacket is mainly for men, it was designed as varsity jackets. By now, many women designs exist and add up the boy wardrobe touch to your outfit. It looks girly and they are made with pretty printed on them, even flowers.

Were you a cheerleader? 

Have you ever think of to custom made Cheerleading Uniform for your team? Cheering Team or what we so called Cheerleading is an activity for over hundredyears. Back to 1930s, the first cheerleaders are made, at that time; cheerleaders are much more about the actual cheering and less about physical activity. Nowadays, short skirts and skinny shirt are usually used as cheerleading wear and it became more acrobatic. Sleeveless design becomes a popular fashion to the uniform.

In Dragon Uniform Pte Ltd, cheerleading uniform fabrics are very breathable and lightweight. It is design to make increasingly fancy moves and more flexible to wear.

Our Minimum order for custom made is 10 pieces up. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team and ask for more information.