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The business pants are the ideal uniform choices for office men or women wanting an elite look without compromising on style. Design features include line with professional sense and mechanical stretch breathable fabrics. The fabric also has a durable finish and is soft to ensure you stay  comfortable throughout workday.


Question: How to measure for a Men's Suit Pants Size


There are 5 keys measurement needed for the Men’s Suit Pants which are the pants length, waist width, hip width, front rise and the back rise.

1. Pants Length Measuring

Pave the Men’s Suit Pants on the table

Straighten the tape and then measure from the top of the trouser to the crotch mouth

The length of the pants length is 40 1/4”

2. Waist Width Measuring

Straighten the tape and measure the elastic band from the left to the right

The waist width size is 28”

3. Hip Width Measuring

Straighten the tape and measure from the lower side of the waistline

The hip width size is 36 1/4”

4. Front Rise Measuring

Straighten the tape and measure from the suit connector

The front rise size is 9 3/4”

1. Back Rise

Straighten the tape, and measure from the interface behind the suit

The back rise size is 13 3/4”

Finished measuring Men’s Suit Pants