Gold / Sliver Foil Print:


1.Gold / Sliver Foil Print
2.Washing effect of silver gilt




Guide-Heat Transfer GoldHeat Transfer Sliver-Logo linessides could not be too fine-T shirt-20111024 


Gold / Sliver Screen Print (印金或印銀):

Ø           Logo color is matte when compare with gold or silver foil print, but colorfastness is better.


Gold / Silver Foil Print (燙金或燙銀):

Ø           Applied to the garment fabric panel by heat with a kind of gold / silver foil material, the limitations are that it is possible that the logo may slightly peel off and become duller after washing. The situation could be minimized by turn inside out and use cold water in washing.


Guide-Gold And Silver Foil Print Effect-T-shirt_Uniform-standard


           Heat Transfer Gold/Heat Transfer Sliver
(Logo lines/sides could not be too fine)
If design is too fine.Outcome appearance would be unclear.Find besause of limitation of heat transfer,fine lines/edge would be fall off easier after washing that only small portion of lines stick on fabric
when making design,please pay attention on the design edge width should be wider.find please try not to make cursive writing (please see picture on right hane side)

Gold and Silver Foil Print Effect
Gold and Silver Foil Print it to use heat pressing to apply the gold/silver foil logo on to the garment.Due to its physical limitation.Such gold and silver foil print logo will peel off and become dull after repeat washing.Therefore,Garment with such logo is suggested to be turned inside out and apply cold water during washing to minimize the logo fading.