Logo Printing Questions:


1.What is screen print?
2.What is embroidery?
3.What is Heat Transfer Print?
4.Will gold foil print and silver foil print fade out and become dull?
5.Are there any method to produce golden and silver color logo besides gold & silver foil print?
6.Will there be deviation in logo size?
7.Gold & Silver foil print/Screen Print/Embroidery/Heat Transfer Print, which one is the most washable?

8.Are there always wrinkle effect around the edges of embroidery logo?

9.How uniform can help to promote your company or events?



Q:     1.What is screen print?


A:     It is a method of logo printing. Film has to be developed first, then use the logo artwork to make a silk screen with a frame on (it just like the wooden framework of a photo frame), put the paste on top of the frame, logo will form after the paste is pressed through the silk screen on the apparel. However, only one color is available on one film (silk screen), different films and silk screen frames have to be made for every different color. So, if more logo designs and colors are involved in the artwork, more films are needed and thus cost will be increased. On the other hand, unit price is increased for low quantity order as there are fixed costs and the wastage is high.


Q:     2.What is embroidery?


A:     It is a method using color threads and needles to embroider logo on the garments, in which auto sewing process is done by programming the logo artwork into computer. As there is thickness for the color threads and needles, effect will not be so good if logo design is too complicated and the logo size is too small. The only improvement is to enlarge or simplify the logo design. Besides, it is not recommended to do embroidery if the pattern or logo is too scattered and irregular. If embroidery logo is made of 3 colors or below, Dragon Uniform charges no additional fee. But if the logo is in 4 colors or above, adjustments have to be made on sewing machines. Productivity is low and wastage is lager, so certain up-charge will be posted.


Q:     3.What is Heat Transfer Print?


A:    Offset Print provides a way to print multi-color logos, artwork with color gradient effect and even photo quality logo. These kinds of logo normally cannot be printed by screen print and embroidery. Off-set Print is just like making a color print in a printer, but the process to make a print on clothes and logo production process varies. Below are some references:

1.         Digital Print: Print the logo on specific heat transfer paper (either white or black), transfer the logo on apparel by heat (factory uses heat pressing machine, but can use iron if it is self-made). As there is restriction on printer, printing effect and fastness effect depends on the printer’s quality and also the heat pressing process. In general, such digital print logo is more prompt to be peeled off after washing, so it is more suitable to make logo on promotion uniform which may just used few times only. The price of this printing method is relatively less expensive.

2.         Heat Transfer Print: Make logo mould and print on specific heat transfer film, and then transfer the logo from the film to the apparel. Logo quality and logo fastness on the fabric are better than that of digital print. However, as it is quite expensive to develop the print mould, it is more suitable for big quantity order such as workers’ uniform, sports day uniform, or school uniform so that the mold charge can be amortized into the unit costs with less effect.

3.         Inkjet Print: Print logo on apparel directly from a specific printer, Logo quality and fastness to the fabric is the best among these three methods. However, unit price is the highest among three.

Customers can refer to “Logo” category in Dragon Uniform’s website regarding logo printing problems. As there are lots of logo printing techniques, customers can contact Dragon Uniform for getting more information if any inquiries.


Q:     4.Will gold foil print and silver foil print fade out and become dull?


A:     Gold foil print and silver foil print is made by ironing the gold foil and silver foil on clothes. As there are physical restrictions on foil material, the logo may peel off slightly and become dull after washing. It is suggested to turn inside out the garment and use cold water to wash the garment in order to minimize such situation.


Q:     5.Are there any method to produce golden and silver color logo besides gold & silver foil print?


A:    It can be made by screen print, using gold or silver dyestuff. But as there are restrictions on the materials, golden color and silver color made by screen print will not be as shiny as gold and silver foil print, the logo will be a bit dull. However, logo fastness is better.


Q:     6.Will there be deviation in logo size?


A:     Yes. As fabric used for printing logo is elastic, it is flattened for facilitating printing during the logo printing process. The fabric will thus shrink a bit after printing. Also, logo size will be affected a bit during ironing process. Deviation in size varies on logo size, usually increases if logo size increases.


Q:     7.Gold & Silver foil print / Screen Print/ Embroidery/ Heat Transfer Print, which one is the most washable?


A:     Ranking from the most to the least:
Embroidery > Screen Print> Heat Transfer Print> Gold foil print and Silver foil print
It is because the color threads is embroider onto the clothes,
logo fastness for Embroidery is the best. Screen Print is the most common logo printing method, logo fastness of the paste is also good on fabric. For Heat Transfer Print, as logo is printed on clothes by heat, logo fastness is also quite good. But for Gold foil print and Silver foil print, as there are restrictions on foil material, slight discolor and logo peel off will be found after washing for a period of time. However, proper garment care should always be applied in handling the garment. Even with the best colorfastness logo, if daily wearing and washing are mistreated (e.g. ironing on the screen print logo will result the print material to melt), it will not help to maintain the garment in good shape and wearable conditions.


Q:     8.Are there always wrinkle effect around the edges of embroidery logo?


A:     As the color threads will be repeatedly stitched on the fabric, the fabric will be have a high density and crumple up which resulted in wrinkles around the edges. Therefore, if the embroidery logo is overall a large area and with high density stitches, the wrinkle will be more obvious. Customer should take this into consideration during designing the logo.


Q:     9.How uniform can help to promote your company or events?


A:     Uniform can give a sense of belonging for a staff towards company, it also elevate company image if staff could wear the uniform with company logo and slogan, this will promote the company to be further known by the society. Some major campaigns or promotion events will have T-shirt or Polo-shirt as uniform; this could create an atmosphere and allow participants to be dedicated into the event.