Lead Time & Delivery:

1. How can we check the production lead time?

Q:     1. How can we check the production lead time?


A:     We provide flexible lead time for the clients.


1.       Lead time is around 2-3 weeks for basic style (e.g. T-shirt, Polo-shirt, vest, aprons, etc). Urgent order can be made depends on the production status in factory (surcharge involved for urgent order).


2.       3-4 weeks is needed for complicated style (e.g. windbreaker, jacket, complicated style, etc).


3.       Lead time varies with seasons (low or peak season) and factory’s production capacity and actual production loading. You can check with Uniform-standard staff for the lead time before ordering.


4.       Delivery is arranged per client’s request. But certain delays may happen in case of transportation jam and customs clearance issues etc, we hope clients would accept in those case and we will try our best in coordination.


5.       Please provide invoice number for easy checking the production status and delivery. It is the number marked on the right hand corner of the invoice.