Payment Settlement:

1.How can I settle payment (deposit/balance) for my order?
2.Can the payment be transmitted from overseas bank (T/T) ?

Q:     1. How can I settle payment (deposit / balance) for my order?


A:     50% deposit should be paid after order confirmation, balance payment need to be settled before delivery. Below are ways for settling payment:


a)       Cash payment to Dragon Uniform in person by visiting our company.


b)       By Cheque (mark payable to “Dragon Uniform Pte Ltd”). If it is sent by mail, suggested to call us to confirm the receiving. If cheque is directly bank in, receipt should be email to Uniform-standard with further confirmation by phone call.(if customer pays by cheque, pls arrange the payment 1-2 days in advance. Dragon Uniform Uniform needs to confirm the cheque transaction before goods dispatch )


c)       Bank Account Details:



d)       Online Banking Payment (Giro) :


Ø           Uniform-standard's company bank account is OCBC. If select the same bank (OCBC) to transfer the payment, it shall be received within the same date, pls. call Dragon Uniform for cross confirm the transaction is completed.


Ø           Online Banking Payment results in handling charge and time lag of payment record, pls. contact Uniform-standard for cross confirm payment is done, and production is proceeded without delay. Uniform-standard will not take any liability of delivery delay due to unclear & without confirmed transactions.



Q:     2. Can the payment be transmitted from overseas bank (T/T) ?


A:     Overseas bank transaction for payment  settlement may involve extra bank charge, this extra bank charge is not included in price quotation, therefore, customers will need to settle the total amount for the specific orders plus this bank charge when making the bank transaction to our bank account. Otherwise, goods maybe on hold until this bank charge is settled by customers.