About Quotation:

1.What kind of products can be ordered in Dragon Uniform?
2.What we should do if we cannot find our garment style in existing choices in Dragon Uniform?
3.Any special offer provided?
4.What information should be provided to Dragon Uniform for quotation?
5.Why there is no immediate reply after we have sent the quotation enquiry?

Q:     What kind of products can be ordered in Dragon Uniform?


A:    Dragon Uniform produces different kinds of products, mainly T-shirt, Polo shirt, sportswear, sweater, jacket, zip-up, vest, vest  jacket, windbreaker, zip-up sweater, towel, shorts, pants, causal bottoms, sports bottoms, company uniform, aprons, caps, etc. You may visit  www.uniform-standard.com.sg for more details.



Q:     What we should do if we cannot find our garment style in existing choices in Dragon Uniform?


A:     Customers can provide artwork or actual sample to us, we can check with factory if it is feasible to do and provide      corresponding quotation. Sample can be made for customers’ approval, but pattern and sample fee may be included.


Q:  Any special offer provided? 


A:     Promotional products and coupon will be offered periodically, you can contact Dragon Uniform staffs for             more details. Discount is given in different seasons (such as ocamp or graduation period). 5% discount will be given if Dragon Uniform logo is printed on sleeves of T-shirt or jacket. If order quantity is large, for example T-shirt for some promotional activities with limited budgets, please either email to sales1@dragonuniform.sg or contact Mr. Kong in Dragon Uniform by phone.


Q: 4.What information should be provided to Dragon Uniform for quotation?    


A:     Garment involves different styles and design, fabric used, logo design and logo printing methods are different. With more detail information are provided, Dragon Uniform  could feedback the quotation more promptly. Below information could facilitate our quotations.


1.  Garment style: For example, place order for T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket, windbreaker, zip-up or customized uniform. Clients can refer to “Product” in website for reference, or visit Dragon Uniform to see the actual sample before ordering.


2.    If clients order specific style uniform, it is recommended to provide actual sample and pattern. It is easier if we show the actual sample to factory and check if it is feasible to produce and then provide quotation. For specific garment style which Dragon Uniform did not produce before, we may not be able to quote in a short time as we have to discuss with factory about the production feasibility and check out the production costs.


3.   Clients should provide detailed criteria for making the logo. For example, using the most common method - screen print, as only one color is available on one film, different films are needed for each color, and thus unit price varies the number of color involved. So, clients have to inform the number of color for the logo in quotation. Besides, Off-set print is used if pictures or color gradient effect is involved. However, embroidery is not applicable in detailed, complicated, or loose logo. Dragon Uniform can provide quotation easily if clients know which type the logo belongs to and then inform us the details.


4.    Provide order quantity, since production involved wastage and fixed costs Wastage and fixed cost is relatively high if order quantity is small, unit price thus increases. Minimum order quantity in Dragon Uniform is in general 20pcs, it varies depending on style and fabric used.


5.    Lead time, general lead time is around 2-3 weeks for basic styles (e.g. T-shirt in one color, vest, Polo-shirt, etc) while 4-5 weeks is needed for complicated styles (e.g. windbreaker, zip-up, jacket, company uniform, specific uniform, etc). Lead time varies the actual production loading and production capacity in factory. For example, it takes a longer lead time in peak season as the production line in factory is fully occupied. Besides, Dragon Uniform  provides express lead time for urgent orders, but surcharge is included (~10-20% in addition to the total order amount) as overtime work is involved in production. However, there is possibility that we cannot take such express order if production is overloaded, pls. contact Dragon Uniform staff first before placing order.


6.   Size selection varies the order quantity. Clients can refer to “Size Spec” in our website, size specification for different garment styles and size selection can be found. Surcharge SGD50 will be included if clients have to use their own size specification (depends on style as new marker has to be made). If clients want to have additional size selection, surcharge is SGD20/ size in general.

Q:     5.Why there is no immediate reply after we have sent the quotation enquiry?


A:     We will provide quotation within 24 hours in normal cases, several reasons involved if you cannot receive our reply:

a)   Incorrect email address is given when fill in the online quotation enquiry form. Please make sure email address provided is correct.

b)   Information provided is not sufficient for us to make the quotation.

c)   If your enquiry is made through some free email domains (e.g. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn, etc), please check if our reply is sent to your junk mail box, as email system for these email domains will direct emails with attachment to junk mail box.

d)   Error for email system. We may not receive your email enquiry if server problem found from Internet service provider.

       Please directly contact us by phone if you cannot receive our reply.