1.Women's and Men's Necklines 1
2.Women's and Men's Necklines 2

Women's and Men's Necklines 1:

Design options-Women's and Men's Necklines 1-shirt- 20101127 

Women's and Men's Necklines 2:

Design options-Women's and Men's Necklines 2-shirt-20101127 

Dragon Uniform provides all kinds of garments collars,Such as:
Womens's and Men's Necklines 1
Basic Hood,Hood with Drawstring ,Hood with Drawstring Tied,Retled Hood With Drawstring,Hood Rdd Collar Style,Collar style Hood,Big collar Hood Style,Back Side Hood In Bown,Gcomctric sculptured Neckline,Square Edge Sculptured,Sweetheart Sculptured,Sweetheart Sculptured,Basic Sweetheart.

Women's and Men's Necklines 2
Notched With Shawl  Style ,Triple Shawl ,Round Rtiple Shawl ,Fringed End Shawl ,Square Cut Shawl ,Winqed Shawl ,Basic Shirt Collar,Basic Round Shirt Collar,Normal Convertible Shirt Collar,Big Convertible Shirt Collar,Round Convertible Shirt Collar,Lapel Shirt  Collar,Basic Round Shirt Collar,Special Stitch Shawl Collar,top stitch Round Collar,Ruffled Shirt Collar,Rngel Wing Basic,Chelsea Wing Collar

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