Washing Care:


1.How do the laundry?
2.cotton wash is like?
3.How to wash synthetic fabrics?
4.Xishan what precautions when?
5.How to care for the digital print clothes?
6.how to care for silk screen printed logo of the T-shirt / Polo?
7.bronzing / hot silver T-shirt / Polo on how to care?
8.how to care for cloth made by the quick-drying clothes?
9.how to care for the plain weave cotton clothes?
10.rows why not use washing powder clean shirt?
11.What is the correct T-shirt polo shirt row of washing method?
12.sun ironing step is what?
13.How strong yellow wash / clean fruit stains and traces of milk / blood / cosmetics and chewing gum on clothes?
14.digital prints of the clothes should I do?
15.plain weave cotton cloth and drying clothes should I care?
16.how to clean a dirty shirt?




 Q: 1 How do the laundry?
A: dirty clothes usually easy to, for example, collars, cuffs, gowns of the chest, sleeves, pants hip, knee Ministry 'socks at the bottom. Ready to use to wash the utensils, such as the washboard, brushes, buckets, pots and detergent. Laundry to classify, inventory number to remember. First light and not fade wash clothes, wash the clothes easy to fade, the other can not be mixed with other clothes to wash.
Q: 2 cotton wash is like?
A: First wash with water, remove the clothing on the dirt slightly positive. Then the depth of color were immersed in a different basin. Have a good pre-washed in the washing basin of water, detergent amount is based on the number and clothes dirty clothes, the degree of decision. Clothing and not directly into the pot, use a good amount of it into the measuring. Do not water too much or too little. About 5 to 10 minute immersion washing. First position in the dirty clothes marked easily by hand put the right amount of soap or detergent, and focus on scrub or scrub with a brush. After the scrub clothes and then to another location. Finally, the washed clothes on the water, one by one rinse. After washing three times can be wrung dry.
Q: 3 How to wash synthetic fabrics?
A: Washing and cotton fabric roughly the same, but it should be noted: the flooding can not be overheated, not too much with alkaline soap, rub hard over the earth brush, wring, or, fiber will shrink, harden, raising the ball.
Q: 4. Xishan what precautions when?
A: Note the following points:
a. Laundry clothes should be followed on the label on the washing label
b. laundry, light-colored clothes do not easily fade with washing dark clothes with
c. mending parts off-line, not a solid button, to avoid serious damage
d. Remove the bag of clothes and objects
Q: 5 How to care for the digital print clothes?
A: Digital printing is a greasy film, digital printing the logo will be there with the fabric and wrinkles, it is appropriate to hand wash in cold water and placed in shade. In addition, the use of iron printed logo, not direct hot pattern.
Q: 6 how to care for silk screen printed logo of the T-shirt / Polo?
A: The logo screen printed on the T-shirt / Polo should try to avoid prolonged immersion in water, to prevent the logo in addition to the clothes come off.
Q: 7 bronzing / hot silver T-shirt / Polo on how to care?
A: Because the gilt / silver are hot with the heat to heat hot powder or silver powder is used on the shirt, wash the cleaning must be reversed, not directly hand scrub clothes.
Q: 8 how to care for cloth made by the quick-drying clothes?
A: The use of fabric softener will reduce perspiration, do not use. If you have a softener can also be used with warm water several times, can resume normal.
Q: 9 how to care for the plain weave cotton clothes?
A: cotton plain weave should avoid prolonged immersion in water, should be reversed with cold water.
Q: 10 rows why not use washing powder clean shirt?
A: Because the rows of T-shirts just use water rub the material can be washed clean, and can not be used because of fear of washing powder detergent composition will affect the functionality to the perspiration.
Q: 11 What is the correct T-shirt polo shirt row of washing method?
A: Washing the right row of shirts:
1) Do not use fabric softener
2) place your hand gently rub dirty can not use the brush
3) recommendations into the laundry when washing, washing machine in the placement
4) the same color clothes should also be cleaned
5) hand, the application of hand rub gently then rinse with water
6) If you have to use detergent or fabric softener to use plenty of water should be clean
7) is recommended after every take off, be sure to hand scrub and dry, to keep clean
8) Avoid using bleach cleaning cloth so as not to hurt the suction effect
Q: 12 sun ironing step is what?
A: observe the following rules:
1) If you must use iron, use cold and hot to be negative, especially with printing place. Not pressure hot for too long, about 2 to 3 seconds to Water spray can be more easily
2) can not be dragged to the iron the clothes from the clothing side of Yuan that is hot all the way to the hem at the top, or pulled from the east west. Because then more easily deformed. More attention, then across the cloth can be hot, especially a rib place, must only be blanched to gentle pressure
3) racks up to the hem into place, can not be softened by the collar directly into the hanger, as this would hold to the deformation of the collar
4) clothes from the washing out after dehydration, the clothes should be light rejection ㄧ, try not to pull, so as not to wet T-shirt because of the time because the water pull uneven, resulting in deformation
5) Avoid using hanger drying T-shirt, because after washing T-shirt because of the weight of heavy wet cotton clothes easily deformed, it is easy on the shoulder at a "horn"
Q: 13 How strong yellow wash / clean fruit stains and traces of milk / blood / cosmetics and chewing gum on clothes?
A: The variety of cleaning methods are as follows:
1) Clean strong yellow stains: If the egg yolk to get on the shirt, shirt soaked in cold water first, not stirred, after one hour, they can follow the normal method of Xishan friends
2) clean fruit stains: If the watermelon juice, eat tomatoes or strawberries and other fruit stains on the shirt, or chocolate stains on the shirt, you can use soda water, soak for some time, and then rub their hands, Until eliminate stains, then the normal method of Xishan
3) Clean Milk track: clothes soiled with milk stains can be washed with cold water, then add the enzyme detergent wash can be removed
4) cleaning blood: first soaked in water for 30 minutes and then wash the clothes, the effect is not satisfactory, then you can use the enzyme detergent, if more should not cleaned on a few drops of ammonia in the blood
5) washing powder: you can try gently rubbing Vaseline or glycerine into the stain, then wash with warm soapy water, dried, and then sponge dipped in carbon tetrachloride to wipe clean and dirty at the
6) washing the clothes of chewing gum: this happens with carbon tetrachloride or methanol can be softened chewing gum, then it can be lightly thrown
Q: 14 digital prints of the clothes should I do?
A: Digital printing is the oily film, with normal fabric and logo will have wrinkles, should be hand washed in cold water and put in the shade to dry. Do not put hot iron directly on the logo.
Q: 15 plain weave cotton cloth and drying clothes should I care?
A: Do not use quick-drying fabric softener clothing, which will reduce the sweat-free clothing to reduce the function has been used if the water can wash several times you can resume normal. Cotton plain clothes should not be soaked in water for a long time , negative water cleaning
Q: 16 how to clean a dirty shirt?
A: The white clothes have perspiration is very easy to turn yellow. The following is a method of cleaning perspiration.
In addition to perspiration method
1) the first spray on sweat clothes some vinegar, then, wash.
2) to engage in a rotten melon, poured into the bag, squeeze the juice is used to scrub the clothes stained with perspiration, and then rinse.
3) Add a few drops of ammonia in the water, the juice stains have to rinse the clothes look into, then rinse.
4) the sweat clothes soaked in 5% salt water for about 1 hour, then gently rub, wash with water.
5) the chopped ginger, rub on the perspiration on the clothes, then wash with water.
Vinegar can remove perspiration odor
In the wash a few drops of vinegar in the water / vinegar (better), then washed twice to remove the perspiration smell can be.
Red Jiuzi
Jiuzi more difficult to remove the red, try salt on the stain and dip in the water. If the stain persists, rub with salt, more to clean. Soaked with soda and water is commonly used cleaning method.
Wash fruit and India
New stains down to the dirt at the brine, or salt sprinkled on dirt immediately at hand Qingcuo, immersed in a detergent solution after wetting with water in the wash, warm water, rub soap can also be used in addition to a strong wash stains, can be used 5% of ammonia and organic acids in fruit juices, and then use detergent.
Trace of peach juice
High oxalic acid solution containing iron, can remove stains.
Stains on persimmon
Wine and immediately rub brine wash, softener and then cleaning, clean water.
Tomato sauce stains

Cleaning first scrape off dried tomato sauce can trace, wash with softener