SKPC019 Upper Body Protective Clothing Dust Proof Overalls

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SKPC019 Upper Body Protective Clothing Dust Proof Overalls

YELLOW GOWNS : Polypropylene gowns are intended to provide healthcare workers and patients with temporary clothing for a variety of settings. Quantity: 10 gowns. Come in bag: 10 gowns per bag. Not made with natural rubber latex. Ideal for exams, lab procedures, surgery, and more. Size: One size fits all (worn over scrubs).
MEDICAL GOWNS: Each gown provides reliable protection from the transfer of dust and body fluids in patient isolation situations. This medical wear keeps patients and practitioners comfortable and assures comfort.
HIGH LEVEL OF PRIVACY: Yellow procedure gowns are made of high quality spunbonded polypropylene. These adult comfortable gowns offer the same high level of privacy even during short exams. These protective apparel provides excellent long wearing efficiency and are latex-free.
COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO PUT ON: Non-medical covers are comfortable and easy to put on. Each gown has neck and waist tie closures which ensure snug fit. Long sleeves for comfortable wear. Easy to put on and take off.
RELIABLE PROTECTION: Industrial grade gowns are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. They cover your body and clothing, and create a physical barrier to the transfer of dust and other materials.
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