T1010 Deliver to Novena Customised T-shirt Short Sleeve White Top with Cut Round Collar in Contrast Color

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T1010 Deliver to Novena Custom order T-shirt design T-shirt imprinting thermal sublimation contrast color men's straight sleeve short sleeve work T-shirt white contrast color royal blue

COLOUR—>WEAR—>WASH-->COLOUR AGAIN: Kids can colour in the  Rainbow t-shirt over and over again. Once washed, the colours will magically disappear ready to be coloured in again !
MAGIC COLOURS: Each t-shirt comes with 10 non-toxic, washable magic splat  pens - Pink, Orange, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Navy, Purple, n and Yellow. After colouring you can wash this with your normal white wash, you don't need to worry about your other clothes getting damaged - the colours are non-toxic and fully bio-degradable - they literally disappear.
REUSEABLE COLORING ACTIVITY - Colour your own Splat  T-shirt - then after wearing it, the ink washes out completely in a warm wash (leaving no mark on anything else in the wash either!) leaving the  T-shirt fresh and clean for you to enjoy colouring over and over again.
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