IG-BD-CN-117 Yellow Hooded Raincoat Uniform Hi Visibility Reflective Safety Clothing

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IG-BD-CN-117 hooded raincoat uniform
Zipper closure
Lightweight Raincoat Style:it is no lining inside,perfect for  trip to  on in your handbag or backpack,even suitcase
Packable Rain Jacket:it has one  back design-a zipper in the back to fold into one bag,you can go anywhere to enjony your time without worrying the bag lost.
 Reflective Anorak:this raincoat has 2 reflective edging on the hood and back,so nice to be  in the evening road walking.
Waterproof raincoat:you can have a wondful time in the light rainning for one whole day.
Outdoor raincoat:it is not only a raincoat for hiking,camping,travel..but also one casual warm jacket in spring/fall/summer morning/evening
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