T1024 Manufacturing Women's Long-Sleeved T-shirts Black Round Neck Tops with Printed Sleeves

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T1024 Where to Buy Manufacturing Women's Long Sleeve T-shirt Personal Design Round Neck LOGOT-shirt T-shirt Garment  HK

Material:  Polyester. Lightweight and soft material, very wearable that feel against the skin.
Features: Halloween  for women. Halloween  Graphic Sweatshirt that get you look fun and cool. Perfect for Halloween! This  sweatshirt long sleeve tops mostly featuring in the graphic and the  street style. Hole design, white  on the center, , absolutely the cool girl vibe.
Material:Polyester. Lightweigh and flowy material, very wearable that feel against the skin.
Features: Designed with a simple long sleeve sweatshirt ,  and relaxed fit. Good to stuffed into pants when pair it what a distressed denim or pants for a rocker look. Fashion and with a sense of design, this long sleeve top will be good to KEEP WARM in this fall.

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