Shipping Policy:

Shipment time: Monday ~ Saturday (excluding national holidays). Orders completed before 12:00 every day will be shipped in 5-14 days!

  • SF to Singapore, freight SGD$10, order amount over SGD$500 (freight free)
  • Your order will be processed immediately after account confirmation. You will receive the ordered goods within 14 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
  • If we cannot accept your order, we will notify you within two working days after receiving your order


The general packaging is to put each uniform in a transparent plastic bag. If you pick up the goods at Dragon uniform ‘s office, you will usually pick up the goods for the guests in large white plastic bags. If the guest must deliver the goods , the delivery fee is about SGD30-50, depending on the location, the guest can contact dragon uniform to inform about the delivery arrangement and inquire about the delivery fee. If special cartons are required, dragon uniform can also arrange, but some surcharges may be involved.

Overseas delivery:

Dragon uniform can provide relevant customs declaration documents and arrange for the goods to be delivered directly from our office. Or send it to the shipping company designated by the customer. The freight, warehousing fee, insurance, customs declaration fee and import tax in the receiving area need to be paid by the customer.