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   Dragon Uniform supplies aprons in customized colors which are staple wardrobe items perfect for chefs at diversified ages in Singapore, from a variety of kitchens which are in hotel, canteens, bar, restaurant, or bistro, etc.. Design features include front pockets, neck strap, waist ties traps, adjustable neck strap, back closure, and waist ties. Our different custom aprons is also a wardrobe item essential for chefs or cooking lovers that will outlast shifting fashion trends. Cut from cotton / polyester with an oil repellency finish, the bespoke aprons made by this professional aprons supplier is a high performance apparel that’s packed with technology, which will bring you a nice day.

    In addition, these shrinkage resistant, easy to care aprons look flattering yet feel truly comfortable. The customized apron is cut for a loose/ slim fit with super low price and extremely high quality. Furthermore, it can express your unique personality. The personalized stylish product will be a hit anywhere you wear it. Moreover, it is suitable for today’s cooking sectors and institutions.

    Furthermore, we are specialized in offering different kinds of custom-made aprons which are suitable for different kitchens. Aprons here are also perfect for baking, out-door grill, or BBQ. Moreover, we provide various printing styles which range from Digital Print , Sublimation Print, Luminous Print to Transfer Print. And our staff also have top embroidery skills.

    As a custom aprons supplier in Singapore, Dragon Uniform is the ideal aprons maker choice for chef teams, or cooking institutions wanting a more professional and united look without compromising on style. The fabric also has a durable finish and is soft to ensure you stay comfortable all day long. Our apparel is also available for children.

    Dragon Uniform Pte. Ltd. is a custom-made aprons supplier in Singapore, and we have our own factory in China. We have been doing well in providing aprons with  high degree of customization, preferential price and good quality to customers.

    What's more, we spare no efforts to be the top custom aprons supplier in Singapore with persistent pursuit of better service. Our unique fabrics, features and fits will improve the comfort, mobility and performance of the wearers. Sometimes, wearers are athletes. They need to stretch, reach, bend and climb, therefore we created a line that will ensure they can perform all of these activities during daily routines.

    These durable, lightweight aprons look dressy yet feel truly comfortable. The apron is cut for a relaxed fit with oil-resistant function. Furthermore, it can express your unique personality. The stylish apron will be a hit when you wear it. Moreover, it is built for today’s kitchen.

   Aprons here is built for today’s various kitchens. In addition to our water proof, wrinkle resistant and stain release fabrics, these products feature light weight, dry fit fabrics, moisture wicking function that provides comfort to the wearers, delivering enhanced innovation through construction and fabrics.

    Meanwhile, Dragon Uniform is a custom aprons supplier devoting to offering a diversified collections of customized aprons for various Singapore teams. We are also event-based apparel supplier tailoring your event apron wear with a broad range of logo designs, from silk screen printing, embroidery to heat transfer and inkjet printing etc.. Our product array includes T-shirt, polo-shirt, vest, hoodie, zip-up, sweater, jumper, blouse, tracksuit, jacket, windbreaker, shirts, pants, shorts, sportswear, and uniform etc.. We also provide custom-made garment styles which actualize your design ideas to real products.


Question: How to measure for an Apron Size


There are 2 keys measurement needed for the Apron which are the half length of the apron and 1/2 waist circumference

1.Firstmeasure the length of the body

Then flatten apron

Straighten the tape and measure from the top of the apron to the bottom

From the top of the apron to the bottom, the ruler is straightened

Get the size of 19”

2. Waist Circumference Measuring

Straighten the tape and the apron and measure it from the leftmost to the rightmost.

Then get the waist size of 28”


Complete measuring Apron.