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We are a leading custom cheerleading uniform supplier in Singapore that provided high quality cheerleading uniforms & cheer outfits to suit your team.

The cheerleader uniforms is the ideal uniform choice for cheerleaders or dancers wanting an attractive look without compromising on style. Design features include line with enthusiastic sense and mechanical stretch breathable fabrics. The fabric also has a durable finish and is soft to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout performance.


Question: How to measure for a Cheerleading Uniform Size


1. There are 4 keys measurement needed for the Cheerleading Uniform which are bust, waist, hips and skirt lengths.

First, measure the clothing length

Pave the Cheerleading Uniform

Straighten the tape, measure from the collar of the clothes collar to the hem.

Only then can get the length of the garment - 18”


2. Bust Measuring

Measure from the underside of the chest and pull the tape straight as to measure

The bust size is 33”

3. Skirt Length Measuring

First, flatten the skirt

Pull the tape straight to measure from the elastics to the hem of the skirt

The skirt length is 15”

4. Waist Measuring

   First, flatten the skirts also

   Measure around the portion of the waist by pulling the tape straight

   Then, get the waist size of 26 1/4”

Finished measuring Cheerleading Uniform