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Looking for custom-made industrial uniform in Singapore? We provide quality uniforms for all industrial sectors. safety vest worker & pants workers.

Uses of Industrial Uniform

Have you ever try out the service of Singapore Industrial Uniform? We offer different types of Industrial uniform fabrics, they have different properties. Our company's uniform are is wear with comfort and focus on the performance of the workers. Workers can wear our uniform for climbing stretching. Meanwhile, we made a line that makes sure they can do all motions and posture in their job. Dragon Uniform-Standard industrial uniforms for adult workers are designed for tough work and job. The Industrial Uniform in our Singapore office is manufactured for different job type and job nature.

Our highest standard of Industrial Uniform in Singapore covers:

·        hundred products to select

·        Sizes and colors for fulfilling different body’s need

·        Vent and cutting for the bigger range of movement

·        functional fabrics and thickness is fit for all seasons

·        color Stain, harmless and wrinkle-free, easy care

IndustrialUniform in Singapore is now open for people to visit our showroom in Chinatown office:  

DragonUniform-Standard Industrial Uniform in Singapore are manufactured perISO9001 standard. Our tailor-made nice collars, comfortable waistbands, cuffs, and loops. We can also offer elastic and spandex fabric. Our factory that produces industrial uniform having ISO 9001:2008 QMS. So the quality and standardization are well perceived. The customer can choose workwear from us. Please remember, for different industrial uniforms, please don hesitate to call Dragon Uniform-Standard, we will have our sales representative and also our uniform consultant will answer you and provide different nicely look design and durable industrial uniform for your review. 

See our website which is our official web of Singapore IndustrialUniform for additional details.