IG-BD-CN-022 Customised Order Blue Extra Long Rain Coat Uniform with Large Visor Cap

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IG-BD-CN-022 order blue long rain coat uniform
Design features:  spherical packaging and hook, lightweight, convenient and easy to .
Material: The ball uses AS material, the raincoat uses LDPE film, the material does not contain azo, non-toxic and harmless.
Dimensions and specifications: The diameter of the ball is 2.5 inches, the  is 35.5 inches * 47.5 inches, and the thickness of the  material is 0.015 mm. Individual weight is 51 grams.
Applicable scene: suitable for hiking, cycling, outdoor activities or going out in rainy weather.
When you go out, you can hang it on your backpack or body as a decoration, and take it out when it rains.
Remark : Product Photos are just for reference only. Any items in uniform & garment custom made section are not for retail sales.

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