Custom Bottom Pant Casual Short
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The casual bottom is a staple wardrobe item perfect for people who like leisure activities, from a variety of sports, walking, or shopping environments. Our casual bottom is an apparel essential that will outlast comfort and durability. Cut from cotton/ polyester with a soft finish, the casual bottom here is a high performance apparel that’s packed with technology, which will keep you comfortable.


Question: How to measure for a Men's Pants (Elastic Behind) Size


There are 3 keys measurement needed for the Men’s Pants (Elastic Behind) which are the waist, hip and pants length

1. Waist Width Measuring

Pave the pants on the table

Straighten the tape and measure the elastic band from the left to the right

The waist width size is 23”

2. Hip Width Measuring

Straighten the tape and measure from the middle of the front rise

The hip width size is 37”

1. Pants Length Measuring

Straighten the tape and then measure from the top of the trouser to the crotch mouth

The length of the pants length is 39”


Finished measuring Men’s Pants (Elastic Behind)